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Different types of sofa legs from the world nowadays

The sofa legs do a lot of uses to bring the weight of the sofa. But yet another important factor of sofa legs is for you really to possess a hint towards amount and the design of the chair. If the sofa can be a bit that is newly built or an antique, open things that are an essential section of the style of a sofa. Standard, state, Western and modern sofas have feet which are uncommon for their design.


Below are the usual types of sofa legs available in the market today:

The Traditional
The traditional sofas are out for some people. So many people wanted the wooden sofa legs. A traditional leg is the cabriole leg, which curves at the top and narrows at the bottom, ending in a wider foot usually. The sofa foot may be in the distinctive ball-and-claw style which resembles a talon grasping an orb. What’s more, another traditional leg is the Chippendale, It has a straight leg and often with striations carved into it to add ornamentation. The two kinds of traditional leg mix well with formal, 18th century-inspired furnishings.

The Contemporary
The most common contemporary sofas nowadays. It often contains straight unadorned legs of wood or man-made materials such as chrome or nickel. Contemporary legs are streamlined and look good. Metal sofa legs may be nothing more than a cylinder, but wooden sofa legs may be wider at the top and tapered.

The Country
Regularly sporting gathered or pleated skirts, country fashioned sofa legs from always contain spindle or turned legs. This curvaceous wooden style of leg resembles a spindle that holds yarn or thread. When constructed of pine or oak and highly polished, spindle legs fit in well with traditional styles. When the legs have a painted finish and a squat form, they take on a country character.

The European
Characteristically the European styled sofa including showed wooden sofa legs with a curved form. The French provincial leg we know now, for example, is curved outward and tapered at the bottom. This style is a slimmer, less ornate version of the cabriole leg. Other European styles have cabriole-type legs that are highly carved and decorative. These styles mix well with traditional furnishings or pieces with a European flair.

How to repair wooden sofa legs:
Firstly you should remove 1 piece of the worn out sofa legs from your sofa. Secondly, you should confirm to see that they were attached with hanger bolts. Thirdly you should ensure that there is a groove/boring hole to insert the hanger bolts into the base of the sofa. At last, you must check for the measurements, the dimensions of your hanger bolts to ensure that the replacement can be fitted well to your sofa. When you complete these 4 steps, you can repair your sofa successfully.

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