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Guangzhou Lichuan Hardware Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an industrial company specializing in products developing, producing and selling furniture fittings. The main products include Decorative Sofa Nails, Sofa Legs, Sofa Function Fittings, and other hardware fittings. Meanwhile, we agent for the sale the Elastic Webbings,  Pneumatic Stapler and the Plastic products of furniture fittings. With the good quality and high efficiency, we obtain the support of the home and abroad. We will try our best to advance the quality of the products and afford the perfect service to all the clients.

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We provide wonderful and stable products with professional attitude, to meet customer’s requirements at home and abroad.

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Constructing a new home involves using lot of materials and accessories. Once the main structure is ready, you will have to begin doing the interiors of your home. Each area in your home will require many different things to complete the job to your requirement.
How and Where To Shop for Sofa Hardware Fittings?
In recent years, Under the influence of Korean art and culture in many modern home furniture, designers will reference elements of the Korean countryside to show us a little full of fresh,
Metal table legs had become a popular accessory
If you are looking to add something versatile to your existing furniture to give a new look just try out the decorative upholstery nails that bring in a beautiful and luxury look to your gorgeous chairs,
Upholstery Sofa Nails Add A Decorative Look To Your Existing Furniture
A home or office is complete only when it is furnished with all the necessary accessories. Finding a showroom that the best hardware fitting high on quality and variety is hard, but not impossible.
Lichuan Hardware Fittings for Your Home