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  • 1 How to Assemble a Sofa Yourself? How to Assemble a Sofa Yourself? 2020-01-14

    Assembling a sofa at home can save money and make moving the piece a lighter task. A sofa is often one of the largest pieces of furniture in a home. The bulky piece, once assembled may not fit through doorways or narrow hallways. Leaving the assembly of the sofa until after the piece is in place may...

  • 2 (CIFF)China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai)2017 (CIFF)China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai)2017 2019-10-07

    We are hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at the China International Furniture fair(Shanghai)(CIFF)from 11-14 September,2017. GuangzhouLichuanHardwareEnterpriseCo.,Ltd.,isanindustrialcompanyspecializinginproductsdeveloping,producingandsellingfurniturefitt...

  • 3 INTERZUM COLOGNE 2015 Exhibition INTERZUM COLOGNE 2015 Exhibition 2019-10-07

    Dear Sir: We here by sincerely invite you to visit our booth D019 at INTERZUM COLOGNE 2015 as an exhibitor from 05-08 May, 2015. GuangzhouLichuanHardwareEnterpriseCo.,Ltd.,isanindustrialcompanyspecializinginproductsdeveloping,producingandsellingfurniturefittings. Last year we successfully established...

  • 4 What Are The Most Common Types Of Sofa Furniture Fittings? What Are The Most Common Types Of Sofa Furniture Fittings? 2019-08-12

    Very few are aware that the superior performance of sofa products has made them a hot favorite in the furniture industry. Suitable sofa fittings are used to improve the functionality of furniture. By placing sofa fittings at strategic positions, the overall appearance has been made to go through a gr...

  • 5 How and Where To Shop for Sofa Hardware Fittings? How and Where To Shop for Sofa Hardware Fittings? 2019-06-18

    Constructing a new home involves using lot of materials and accessories. Once the main structure is ready, you will have to begin doing the interiors of your home. Each area in your home will require many different things to complete the job to your requirement. If you dont make a list of things you ...

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