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1. Ensure spring and snap connection place friction without noise, avoid customer complaints.
2. Avoid because human factors caused the distance between spring and spring produces deviation, ensure batch production not because spring spacing problem and cause seat are not consistent.
3. Because it’s the impending connection, so that the elasticity of the spring play better, promote a feeling.
4. And zinc alloy spring and hang spring phase comparison, both ends can save a day spring for enterprises to save costs.
5. Simply nailing, hang spring two production process, than traditional zinc alloy snap needs to locate, nailing, hang spring , nailing four word production process to save two production process time, so as to improve the production efficiency and save cost.
6. Webber enterprise establish standard production, improve product quality.

Hang  S spring process -- Saving cost and improving production efficiency


                                  Agglutination    spring buckles cost                 Rubber    armored buckle cost                 Single    plastic buckles cost
                                  Dosage                 Unit    price                 Total                 Dosage                 Unit    price                 Sum                 Dosage                 Unit    price                 Total
                Material cost                 48                 0.145RMB/Per                 6.96 RMB                 48                 0.06    RMB/Per                 2.88    RMB                 48                 0.12    RMB/Per                 5.76    RMB
                Spring saving                 24 S spring                 0.09 RMB/Unit                 2.16 RMB                                                                       24 S spring                 0.09 RMB/Unit                 2.16 RMB
                Human    cost                 10 minutes                 0.167 RMB/    minute                 1.67RMB                 30 minutes                 0.167 RMB/minute                 5.01 RMB                 20 Minutes                 0.167 RMB/    Minute                 3.34 RMB
                Total                 6.96-2.16+1.67=6.47    RMB                 2.88+5.01=7.89    RMB                 5.76-2.16+3.34=6.94    RMB


Chart introduction
Material cost for single unit is 4 root springs; for double hung unit is 8 springs; for three hang units are 12 springs. There are total 24 springs needed for the spring buckles. The enterprise can compare the price with the actual purchase price: 6.47 - 7.89 = 1.42 RMB

Using agglutination spring or single plastic spring will save one section spring, compared with using metal glue spring. Per section spring can save 0.09 RMB.

Artificial cost refers to:
A: One can alone complete the seat S spring installation tasks, reaching space consistent standards between springs, which established a standardized operation.
B: Craft contrast: agglutination snap: counter blows fixed and spring hung these 2 process; plastic tin buckle: crossed position fixed, counter blows fixed, spring hung and counter blows fixed these 4 process; single plastic snap: crossed position fixed, counter blows fixed, spring hung these 3 processes. Some companies omit crossed position fixed process, and only locate the spring clasp according to the operators' eyes and experience, which surely will cause the space difference between two springs, so the relative front and back springs are
not at the same parallel line with side spring.
C: Salary for workers is about 10 RMB/hour, so it is 0.167 RMB per minute. If calculated according to pieces, improving production efficiency will reduce the human cost.

Result comparison:
Glue spring buckle can improve the efficiency three times than traditional iron "S" buckle, and 2 times greater than that of the single plastic snap. Improving production efficiency can save space and human resource, which further solves recruitment, employee’s insurance, accommodation and difficulty management problems and avoids employee’s industrial injury.
Agglutination spring buckle ensures uniform spacing between "S" springs, guaranteeing comfortable sofa seating. It also ensures silence frictional contact between "S" springs and avoids logistics fee and rework cost because of customer’s after-sale complaints, etc.

Agglutination snap spring buckle controls the product quality. With consistent standard, it avoids product quality difference caused by different technical level staff and uncertain factors like fluctuations in clear, to establish a standardized operation.

Agglutination snap and "S" spring is as dangling links, making the "S" spring with better elasticity performance.

The reduction of product cost is not only because of lower cost of raw materials. We didn’t cut any material to ensure low cost. Instead, we do comprehensive cost trade-offs according to the cost of raw materials, production efficiency, product quality, brand value, after-sales service, enterprise management cost and so on.