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The international fair
Name: The 9th Malaysia International Furniture Exhibition Show (EFE 2013)
Time: March 6-10th in 2013
Address: Malaysia Furniture Trade Association
Period: annually

The exhibition's brief introduction:
EFE2013 is held in Malaysia agricultural expo park, located in Malaysian capital, which is the biggest and the most perfect facilities new international exhibition center. It is expected to attract thousands of overseas buyers. It ensures is infinite.

EFE2013 has more than 500 local and overseas leading furniture manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, making buyers enjoy convenient purchase. The display products include: mattress, sofa, suites, sitting room, dinner desk and chair, outdoor and office supplies, hotel furniture and interior decoration and others.

EFE is held by Malaysia Trade Association. MALAYSIA FURNITURE ASSOCIATION, which has branches in 13 states in MALAYSIA with more than 3000 companies’ members, is the country's largest FURNITURE manufacturing commerce.

Take joined professionals in 2013 for example: there are 10% from Europe, 9% from US, 9% from Europe, 11% from Africa, 10% from the Middle East, 43% from Southeast Asian and 8% from other areas.