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Do you know more about hardware fittings?
When we refers to the production of Hardware Fittings, we maninly talking about the produce that made into hardware including machine parts or components and some hardware products. You can use it alone and also use as assist appliances. Most hardware products are not the final consumer, but as industrial manufacturing of complementary products, semi-finished products and production processes used in tools, such as hardware tools, metal parts and components, daily hardware, architectural hardware and security supplies. Only a small part of household hardware products (accessories) is a tool for people's lives to be consumer goods.

Furniture hardware is divided into wood screws, hinges, handles, slide, partition sale, hanging pieces, nails, heading machines, thread rolling machines, multi-station machines, metal legs, metal frame, metal handle, wheel, zipper, pneumatic levers, springs, furniture, machinery and so on. And Lichuan furniture hardwares are mainly in Decorative Sofa Nails, Sofa legs, Sofa Functional Fittings, Software
Furniture New Materials and Other Hardware like sofa button, Metal plly grip, adjustive ending feet, bed fitting, Hook & Loop fastener band, sofa nailer gun, sofa elastic webbings and staple.

Which brand of Hardware Fittings is best? How to select Hardware Fittings? Are you melancholy when faced with an array of hardware accessories? Come our Lichuan can help you! We will offer you the latest and most practical Hardware Fittings! Lichuan is specialized in furniture fitting R&D, manufacturing and marketing. What's more, Lichuan's sofa leg are made of high quality materials, featuring various designs. Customized orders are welcomed. If you think our proposal are acceptable, please let us have your order at early date.
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