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Lichuan furniture fitting Presentation
Furniture fitting is in the decoration of furniture accessories. Including furniture fitting (glass, sponges, paper and furniture), kitchen furniture fitting (drawers, bins, meter boxes, roller shutter doors, etc.), office furniture fitting(chairs, screens, wall across Sri Lanka, computer keyboard shelf, etc.) as well as lighting and related accessories.

Furniture fitting including creating Kawasaki crystal jewelry accessories, pipe plugs, gloves, pads, ranked skeleton, gaskets, handles, lids and other accessories feet. Furniture fitting also divided sofa accessories, such as wooden sofa, sofa frame, sofa legs and so on. Our Lichuan is mainly sale the Sofa Nails, sofa leg, table legs, Sofa hardware, EVA Foam Series and so on!

Our Lichuan's hardware fittings enjoys general popularity in China. Lichuan has various models of sofa fittings available for export. If you want to know more, please visit our news center. Choose from our wide range of products, you will find what you need.
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