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Metal table legs had become a popular accessory
In recent years, Under the influence of Korean art and culture in many modern home furniture, designers will reference elements of the Korean countryside to show us a little full of fresh, comfortable home environment in his works. Through these works we can understand, deck Dining table has a unique corner of the restaurant is not just in our home can also be placed in a corner of people can banish mood.

     For a lot of people think that deck design in  metal table legs  usually used in the cafe or the western chamber because of its retro style, and color partial heavy. So the division of the metal table legs are classified as class projects supporting furniture accessories but for Korean home design, metal table legs became a easy to match product.

Metal table legs match with glass tabletop that will upgrade the level immediately! There are a lot of people will doubt that a glass tabletop with metal table legs would not be a bit inconsistent? Legs of iron and the convergence between the glass will not be secure? This involves technical problems on the production of furniture! Whether it is a metal table legs, table legs iron or aluminum table legs to go with glass tops, the most common approach is to replace the aluminum legs pallet steel or stainless steel, glass and then paste special glue on it. Glass top gives is full of modern fashion taste, plus elegant
retro metal table legs, enjoy the pursuit of high-level people, this is definitely a big match on!

Feet legs of the table with a table showing the metal art small fresh flavor. The desktop we usually see is square board feet most of the deck units are rectangular or circular, and in order to bring out the Korean home garden fresh temperament, tigers type metal table legs can become a characteristic element to decorate white interior. In order to allow people to kind of warm feeling, the best is to match the original dark brown oval wooden table, especially at night, turn on the lights to come back after work and modulation yellowish lighting.


Use metal table legs more easy to match, it can use for elegant small end table, outdoor tables, tables and other decorative entrance, except as foot deck. But one thing to note is that a variety of metal alloy elements and high carbon content can not withstand the violent collision or will lead to foot fracture.

The hardware fittings Lichuan produces can meet the high demands of many international standards. Lichuan has engaged in the field of metal sofa legs OEM orders' production for many years. We sincerely hope to establish long and friendly business relations with clients from all over the world. Here we warmly welcome our friends both at home and abroad to come to visit our factory.
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