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Installation and adjustment of wardrobe hinges?

Many friends buy furniture such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, etc. online, and need to install hinges. Many friends will not adjust, and they will be distorted. Now I will share my experience with everyone.

Tools / raw materials

  • Hinge
  • Phillips screwdriver

Method / Step

  1. 1

    First of all, you need to distinguish the shape of the hinge in your hand. It looks the same when you look at it, but if you look closely, some of your backs are curved and some are straight. Generally divided into three types:

    Full cover: The door completely covers the side panel of the cabinet, with a certain gap between the two, so that the door can be opened safely. Straight arm 0MM

    Half cover: the two doors share a cabinet side panel, and there is a minimum gap required between them. The coverage distance of each door is reduced, and a hinge with a hinged arm is required.  9.5MM

    Inside: The door is located in the cabinet, beside the side panel of the cabinet, it also needs a gap to facilitate the safe opening of the door. A hinge with a very curved hinge arm is required. Daqu 16MM



  1. 2

    Looking at the above structure diagram, generally the straight back is used on the door panels on both sides, and the curved back is used on the middle door panel. Now it can be adjusted.

    Door cover distance adjustment: turn the screw to the right, the door cover distance becomes smaller (-) the screw turns to the left, the door cover distance becomes larger (+)

    Depth adjustment: direct and continuous adjustment via eccentric screw

    Height adjustment: The height can be adjusted precisely through the height-adjustable hinge base.


  • Generally, if you buy furniture online, there will be installation drawings. You must first distinguish the types of hinges and then adjust them, otherwise you will be busy.

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