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Hinge installation tips-some tips on hinge installation
         Hinge is one of the more used items in our life now, and it can be seen when the door is connected. However, many people do not know much about the installation of the hinge, which has caused many problems during the installation. In order to facilitate everyone's use, I will introduce some hinge installation techniques to everyone, you can learn it.

hinge installation

Hinge installation

Hinge installation skills-installation method

1. Full cover

The door completely covers the side panel of the cabinet with a gap between them so that the door can be opened safely. Straight arm 0 mm

2. Half cover

In this case, the two doors share a side panel. There is a minimum total clearance required between them. The coverage distance of each door is reduced accordingly, and hinges with bent hinge arms are required. Middle song (9.5mm)

3. Built-in

In this case, the door is located inside the cabinet, next to the side panel of the cabinet. It also requires a gap so that the door can be opened safely. A hinge with a very curved hinge arm is required.

Hinge Installation Techniques-Introduction of Hinge Techniques

1. Minimum clearance

The minimum clearance refers to the minimum distance required on the side of the door when opening the door. The minimum clearance is determined by the C distance, door thickness, and hinge type. When the door edge is rounded, the minimum clearance is reduced accordingly. The minimum clearance required can be looked up from each different hinge correspondence table.

2. The minimum clearance of the half-cover door

When two doors share a side panel, the total clearance required should be twice the minimum clearance so that the two doors can be opened at the same time.

3. C distance

The distance C refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the edge of the hinge cup hole. The maximum C size available for each hinge varies with different hinge models. The larger the C distance, the smaller the minimum gap.

4. Door coverage distance

Door coverage distance refers to the distance that the door covers the side panels.

5. Clearance

Clearance refers to the distance from the outside of the door to the outside of the cabinet in the case of a full cover; in the case of a half cover, the distance between the two doors; in the case of an inside door, the gap refers to the outside of the door to the inside of the side panel of the cabinet distance.

6. The number of hinges required for each door

The width of the door, the height of the door, and the quality of the material of the door are determinants of the number of hinges required for each door. In actual operation, the various factors that appear vary depending on the situation. Therefore, the number of hinges listed in the figure below can only be used as a reference. When the situation is unknown, it is recommended to do an experiment. For stability reasons, the distance between the hinges should be as large as possible.

X = distance between hinges (this figure is the number of hinges used when using 19 mm thick particleboard with a specific gravity of 750 kg per cubic meter)

In our daily life, we should have a certain understanding of these commonly used things such as hinges, how to install and how to use, so that it can greatly facilitate our lives. If you have friends who do not know the hinge installation skills, you can refer to the above article to learn.

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