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What are the legs of a leisure sofa, stainless steel and wood?

What is a leisure sofa

In fact, this is a professional issue.
Usually, our sofas have corresponding depth, length, thickness and other aspects, because the real sofa is not only comfortable, but also normative.
When people are more and more concerned about the development of personality When stressing personal comfort and giving up the corresponding rules, a leisure sofa is created

sofa legs

Sofa legs, stainless steel and wood?

Wooden sofa legs are not as strong as stainless steel in nature. The sofa legs made of good wood are also very durable, but the price will be higher. The stainless steel sofa legs made of metal are relatively cheap and affordable, and they are also very easy to use. They will not be damp and moldy. If the home environment is relatively humid, the life of the wooden sofa legs is not as good as the stainless steel sofa legs. Inquire
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Is the wooden structure of the fabric sofa good or the steel frame structure?

The choice of solid wood sofa is closely related to the atmosphere, taste and style of the living room. As the most eye-catching large furniture in the living room, it should be unified with the color style of the ceiling, walls, ground, doors and windows to achieve a coordinated effect. Florals, lines, squares, plain colors, dark colors, etc. have their own advantages. If it is a large and bright living room, then bright colors such as beautiful big flowers, red, green, and squares are very suitable. , Style is unified.

What color cushion does the log sofa match

The wood-colored floor is matched with the coffee-colored sofa. With this color combination, the overall feeling can bring out the natural space effect.

Of course, it can also be paired with dark green or purple.

What color sofa should be used with wooden floor

In the traditional living room, sofas, coffee tables, and televisions are old partners. Basically, these three things are indispensable in every living room. All along, the coffee table is a small role in the living room and is not valued. However, with the changes of the times and the transformation of the modern home lifestyle, the TV is no longer a necessity in the living room. The status of the coffee table has gradually improved, and it has become the value of the living room.
But do you really choose a coffee table? Do you really know which coffee table is suitable for your living room? Today, the editor of Meilunmei Warehousing Home Supermarket has brought you a selection guide for the coffee table in the living room. Let us clarify the purchase goal together.
The size of the coffee table is very important, this is a prerequisite for a perfect match with the sofa. The width of the coffee table should be selected according to the size of the space. If the placement area of ​​the coffee table is surrounded by the sofa, then the size of the coffee table should be selected according to the enclosed space. The length of the coffee table is generally 3/4 or 5/7 of the length of the sofa. However, it should be noted that a certain distance of activity space should be left between the coffee table and the sofa.
Choosing the shape of the coffee table is still based on personal aesthetics, and there is no fixed way to choose. The round coffee table can create an active atmosphere and break the sense of restraint in space. The square coffee table is more in line with people's usage habits, and it is more convenient to place items. From the perspective of space, if the space for the coffee table in the living room is relatively narrow, the coffee table can be placed on both sides of the sofa. In this case, the small square coffee table becomes more practical. Diamond-shaped coffee tables are not recommended. From a safety perspective, the angle of diamond-shaped coffee tables is small and sharp, which can easily hurt people.
When choosing the color of the coffee table, be sure to consider the sofa and the floor. If you want to make your living room space seamless, choose the same color as the sofa and the floor. If you want to create a more personal space, the color of the coffee table is best to choose a color that has a large contrast with the color of the sofa and the floor, or a color with a strong contrast. If the floor has a pattern, you also want the coffee table to be the focus. The color of the coffee table should not be too heavy. Choose a color that is similar to the color of the sofa and match the distinctive pattern.
There are many types of tea table materials, which are dazzling. Marble, metal, solid wood, glass, etc., make people hesitant about the choice of materials. In fact, do not hesitate to find a quiet place, and calmly think about the style of your home? The space is more gorgeous, the style is more unique, it is recommended to choose a combination of glass and wood; the modern style space, you can choose a relatively simple marble coffee table; if it is still a bad choice, then choose a solid wood coffee table, this coffee table is still More versatile. But the color must not be too dark. If it is too dark, it will feel heavy.

How about a solid wood coffee table? Solid wood coffee table purchase skills

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