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How to install the feet of the fabric sofa? Fabric sofa installation method
1. Installation drawings are indispensable

Read the installation drawings carefully before installation, and do n’t lose or tear it. If you do n’t even look at it, you will be bored to install furniture. In the end, the installation is not good. It is useless to regret.

installation drawings are indispensable

2. Common tools must be prepared

The tools used to install the furniture must be prepared, such as: flat cross screwdriver, hammer, etc. These tools must be used when installing furniture. We must tighten the parts when installing the parts and install them firmly to avoid the furniture from tilting and loosening.

3. Check whether the installation parts are damaged

When we count, we must take care not to confuse after unpacking the parts, keep all parts separately, and do not lose them.

4. Determine the installation order

For cabinet furniture such as combination cabinets, TV cabinets and decorative cabinets, it is generally installed from the bottom. For suites including wardrobes, large beds, dressing tables and stools, bedside cabinets, the installation should be from large to small, first wardrobe, dressing table stool or computer Bookcases, bedside tables, and finally large beds.

For solid wood sofas, leather sofas, fabric sofas and rattan sofas, rattan and fabric sofas need to be installed very little, generally only need to install the sofa legs. The combined solid wood sofa is generally connected to the backboard from the side armrest plate, and then installed The front bar, followed by another armrest panel, then the seat panel and finally the sofa legs.
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