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How should sofa skin broken maintain
        When a lot of people choose and buy sofa now, like coriaceous, coriaceous sofa has easy do, clean, endure dirty characteristic, but time is long coriaceous easy bad, need to maintain, so sofa skin is bad how to do?How to maintain it?Below small make up to arrange some about sofa skin is broken how to do and how to maintain relevant content, look together see!
        What if the sofa skin breaks
1, general we can suggest to add a sofa cover, after adding sofa cover, bad place cannot see, and return more beautiful than before, sofa cover can often clean, can keep neat, still can often change the sofa cover of other color design, also can change a mood.

sofa skin

2, change sofa skin, some people have attachment to old thing, do not give up to lose, so can change sofa skin, there are a lot of shops that can change sofa skin now, can change high-grade leather directly, be tailored, but the price is opposite to say also expensive.
3, sell, some people are easy to love the new tired of the old, the sofa skin is broken do not want, so I suggest you to the website to see whether you can sell the bad sofa, or cheap disposal or give people, or see whether the broken sofa has the value of recycling to recycle.

change sofa skin

4, repair, the material of some sofa can undertake repair, the company that can find a few professional repair sofa undertakes repair, such effect is not only good still can continue to use, save the cost that buys new sofa.
How should sofa skin be broken maintain
1, do a good job of prevention: try to avoid sharp things scratch, such as scissors, but also avoid ink, ballpoint pen water, such as soiled sofa, children are forbidden to jump on the sofa play, the sun often illuminate will also be broken sofa skin, so also want to avoid as far as possible.

the material of some sofa can undertake repair

2. Regular maintenance

Coriaceous sofa regular maintenance is necessary, it is better to stick to once a week or more clean, clean the leather sofa application clean towel to wipe gently, not too hard, lest cause sofa leather skin damage, wiped gently can use the right amount of leather care agent to wipe again after a uniform and leather care agent can have very good maintenance effect!
Regular maintenance


3, to deal with stubborn stains and scars to use a reasonable method


To the stubborn besmear such as grease and scar want special attention, must take a few measures, can clean with cleaner, wipe clean with dry towel after, if touch beverage, answer to absorb it with sponge immediately or wipe dry with clean towel, remember coriaceous sofa cannot be swabbed with water.


Small make up summary: above is how to do about sofa skin is broken and how should maintain processing method, hope to be helpful at home

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