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Hinge installation method and installation precautions

Hinge is a relatively common part, it has the effect of fixing the door, even the best parts also need installation skills, sometimes because of improper installation skills, resulting in furniture switch is not smooth, today I want to share with you the hinge installation method And what are the precautions during installation.

Hinge installation

1. Hinge installation method

1. Hinge installation-door hinge

(1) If it is a full cover, let the door completely cover the side panel of the cabinet, and leave a certain gap between the two to facilitate the safe opening of the door.

(2) For the half-cover part, the two doors share a cabinet side panel, they have a minimum gap, the coverage distance of each door is reduced, and hinges with curved hinge arms are required. The middle curvature is 9.5 mm.

(3) Inside is the door is located in the cabinet, beside the side panel of the cabinet body, it also needs a gap, otherwise how to open the door normally, generally use a hinge with a very curved hinge arm, the big curve is 16 mm.

2. Hinge installation-door hinge

(1) Two hinges with a length of 100 mm are installed in the general door. If it is a solid door or a concave-convex door, 3 hinges must be prepared. For this common installation method, if you must use 2 hinges, you can prepare to install Two hinges with a length of 125 mm.

(2) The distance from the center of the hinge to the two ends of the door leaf is about 250-300 mm. When installing, you need to measure the size, pay attention to the precise nature, and then open the door leaf and the door cover separately.

(3) The size of the gap is good and the size of the hinge is exactly the same. Because of the need to grasp the data, the opening direction of the door must also be considered. The door industry is 1-2 mm lower than the door cover.

Quick assembly hinge installation

(4) Insert the hinge on the base, and then gently press the hinge arm with your fingertips, you can hear a "click", indicating that the hinge arm is safely hooked on the hinge base through five fulcrums, and the entire process is completed.

2. Hints for hinge installation

1. Minimum clearance

(1) The minimum clearance refers to the minimum distance required on the side of the door when opening the door. The minimum clearance is determined by the thickness of the door and the type of hinge.

(2) When the door edge is rounded, the minimum clearance is reduced accordingly. The minimum clearance required can be found from the corresponding table for each different hinge.

2. The minimum clearance of the half-cover door

When two doors share a side panel, the total clearance required is twice the minimum clearance, mainly to facilitate the two doors can be opened at the same time.

3. Meaning of distance

The C distance refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the hole of the hinge cup. The maximum C size available for each hinge is different for different hinge models. The larger the C distance, the smaller the minimum clearance.

Hinge installation is not too difficult. The focus is on grasping the gap distance. For experienced teachers, it is better to say that there is generally no problem, but it is difficult for newcomers.

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