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What is the difference between hinges and hinges, and which one is more practical
        There are many things to be exposed to during home improvement, and there are many details that cannot be ignored. For example, the choice of hardware accessories, the purchase of hardware accessories is a very tedious thing, many accessories are almost the same name It ’s almost like a hinge and a hinge. Many people ca n’t tell the difference between a hinge and a hinge . Obviously, I want to buy a hinge, but I bought a hinge, so what is between the hinge and the hinge? What is the difference?

What is a hinge
        The appearance of hinges is not a result of modern times, but the existence of hinges has existed in ancient times. So far, hinges have been used for thousands of years, whether on doors or windows or on furniture Above, they are all indispensable. The use of hinges is mainly to connect two different furniture parts, so that they can be connected together, and can be moved within a certain angle, so in order to enhance the use effect, generally The material of the hinge is all metal, and it is a two-fold structure, especially the doors and windows. The hinge is used most frequently every day, so the quality of the hinge is also the most concerned.


What is a hinge
       What is the difference between a hinge and a hinge ? Let's talk about the hinge first, and then tell you about the problem of the hinge. Many people can't distinguish between the hinge and the hinge. They think they are the same, but they are not the same thing. It seems that there are many similarities, but there is a big difference in nature. For example, the hinge is actually a rod structure, but the hinge needs to be more flexible, mainly because the bearing functions, so these two types of operation are very different. The use of hinges is often used on cabinets, because when the cabinet is opened or closed, it not only needs to rotate but also needs to be translated, so the hinge cannot meet such use needs, only the hinge can.


        There are three main types of common hinges, one is a one-stage force hinge, and the other is a two-stage force hinge, and a damping buffer hinge. The damping buffer hinge is the highest technology among all types of hinges. The technology used is hydraulic. Buffer technology is very practical.
        What is the difference between a hinge and a hinge ? Do you know this time? Before buying, you must fully understand the difference between the two, and then you will not be confused when buying, especially for some laypeople. It is said that when buying a hinge, it will be difficult to distinguish which is the hinge and which is the hinge. If you still do n’t know how to distinguish after reading the above introduction, then you have to make your own judgment and ask the staff to compare it is good.
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