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Hinge installation-introduction of hinge installation method
      Have you heard of hinges? I believe many people will feel very unfamiliar with this word and wish to know what a hinge is. In fact, hinges play a very important role in some small places in our lives, making contributions in obscurity. In real life, some people will not install it after purchasing the hinge. Then, I will introduce how to install the hinge.

Hinge installation

Hinge installation- the first step of hinge installation

Our hinges are various. We will explain with the most conventional style "35 cup damping hinge" on the market. First of all, we need the cover position of the popular hinge. Generally, the hinge is divided into straight hinge (full cover) and middle bend (half Cover), big bend (not covered / built-in), these three cover positions.

Hinge installation- the second step of hinge installation

We cover the whole door to explain the installation, amounts to about the thickness of the cabinet is the number, suitable conventional hinge having a thickness of 14-21mm thick plate , to open the door hole cup according to the data provided by the manufacturer , Installed with H = 3 hinge, if the distance of C is 5mm, then our corresponding opening is 5mm .

Hinge installation- the third step of hinge installation

Open holes on both sides of the cabinet door. Install the hinge cup on the cabinet door with screws, and install it on both sides. We use a tool to draw a straight line to mark the 37mm screw position. This hinge is a disassembly style. Press the tail buckle of the hinge as shown in the figure below to remove the base of the hinge. If the hinge is fixed and cannot be removed, it can only be installed directly.

Hinge installation- the fourth step of hinge installation

Install the two hinge bases on the cabinet with screws. Buckle the hinge arm onto the base and press firmly with your fingers. A click sound indicates that the hinge is fastened. So far, the door hinge has been installed. Then the problem is coming, after installation, some of the following small problems may appear: What should I do if the cabinet door has a large gap? Adjust the screws at the tail to reduce the door gap. What should I do if the door cover is not in place? It can be solved by adjusting the middle screw of the hinge. If you want to clean the cabinet, you can press the tail clip to separate the cabinet door and cabinet!

The above is the installation method of the hinge introduced by everyone The hinge actually exists silently in our lives, but people don't know its name. Many people also know about hinges, but when hinges are needed , they are purchased , but they do not know how to install them. I hope that this introduction will help everyone in the installation of the hinge.

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