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Buying furniture experience, how to buy cheap and good furniture

Recently in the concern buys the furniture question, below I will sum up the experience, these are me to look from the net, feel very reasonable, share with everybody to encourage together here!

       Have the life that is closely bound up with people, the life quality that is affecting people and body are healthy, because this is before furniture of choose and buy, had better make knowledge reserve beforehand, learn   the key that a few choose to identify all sorts of home to provide.The proposal buys before looking at relevant data on the Internet more, use information on the net.I believe that we are not all furniture experts.Some websites such as village group purchase, the official websites of major brands and other online platforms to see.

  • 1. Pay attention to your mindset.Found me buying furniture.Love sells.Buy your furniture, look up to your stuff.It is a blessing that furniture can be put in my house.I'll regret not selling it to you.This is the most important thing to remember.
  • When you negotiate prices during the off-season, discounts are naturally high.Dress like a designer.Let the merchant think you are very adept.
  • 3. Suggest season to see the style.There are two seasons: one is from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, and the other is from the end of August to the beginning of September.In this period of time, in order to soothe sales, often give a large discount, or give a more cost-effective combination of packages.Of course, now a lot of furniture are dealers agent, so dealers in order to get manufacturers more rebates at the end of the year, before the New Year will also give a very favorable discount, this you own control
  • 4. Don't bargain with your boss when you're in a crowd.Because the store is crowded.Unwilling to give a very low discount.The best one to one talk, do not easily give their heart price, peace of mind and the boss mill, do not be afraid of losing face.Remember that furniture has a high gross margin.Don't believe that the boss made a fool of him, but he didn't make 50% profit.
  • Don't listen to the merchants.It's the same thing.Similar items are often sold at completely different prices simply because of different profit margins and different efforts to maintain brand image.In fact, you can completely equate him, at least in a similar way
  • Pay attention to the wording of the business.A lot of times.The price is not available.This is rare for a brand to position itself high.This does not mean that he will lose money.Often expressed meaning is that I will make money at this price, but the brand image dropped to this price, other people are to use this price to buy things, then I earn less money from this point of view, tell the businessman, sell to me to earn less, to you do publicity, will earn more
  • 7. Shop around.This is almost as important as the first, but may not be realistic for a few people.
  • 8. Set a psychological baseline for yourself and choose several alternative styles for each type of furniture.On that basis.How much do you think this is worth?Higher than this price, other discount is false.Each big shopping mall every year in the sales season will have a few periods, shengda floor official website price is true.Engage in the activities of how much to buy and how much to get free, the so-called pay for the sheep, the cost of these activities is Shared by the stores in the mall since they have paid for the activities that the stores are not willing to give customers a discount seems to be very low, in fact, is to raise the price, and then discount.The price may be higher than usual


       The most important thing in buying furniture is not the price.No for their favorite style, then is to see the price.After all the furniture bought every day to see if because of the price.

       Also pay attention when buying furniture:

       1. Whether the furniture materials are reasonable

       Different furniture, surface USES makings to have distinction, such as wood, low end board type.Again be like the leg of desk, chair, ark, requirement USES hard miscellaneous wood, more solid, can bear weight, and interior USES material to be usable other material;The cabinet of kitchen, toilet cannot do with fibreboard, and should use 3 laminate, because fibreboard meets water to be able to expand, damage;The dining table should be washable.Citizens at present, the large majority of contact is board type furniture, rarely come into contact with the solid wood furniture, and grade of the true, to achieve the general level of home, it should be solid wood furniture, such as white color style garden furniture, with a bug but according to the grade of American furniture, etc., generally speaking, this kind of furniture stores to be able to see in big cities, general secondary and tertiary level 4 cities there are very few, secondary and tertiary level 4 cities mainly selling cheap plate is in the majority of this kind unless in a city often run outside, had the certain knowledge, know how to buy furniture, so it is difficult to come into contact with others mid-range and high-grade solid wood furniture,Nevertheless appeared a lot of furniture shopping network now, can come through the way of mail order choose and buy, made up for the inadequacy of area really so

       2. Wood moisture content shall not exceed 12%

       The moisture content of furniture must not exceed 12%, moisture content is tall, lumber easy warp, deformation.When average consumer is bought, do not have test instrument, can take the method that the hand feels, touch furniture underside with the hand or the place that does not go up lacquer inside, if feel damp, so moisture content is at least above 50%, cannot use at all.

3. Whether the furniture structure is firm

Small furniture, if chair, stool, clothes rack can be dragged on the cement floor when choosing, fall gently, the voice is clear and crisp, explain quality is better;If the voice is hoarse, there is a crack of noise, that mortise joint is not tight, the structure is not strong.Desk, table can use the hand to shake shake, see steady not steady.

       4, furniture whether four feet level

       This point is put on the ground in a flash to know, some furniture has only three legs to fall to the ground.Take a look at the table is flat, can not bow the back or flat waist.The table top is raised, and the glass plate will rotate;The table top is concave, and the glass plate will break when put on it.Pay attention to check the cupboard door, the division of the drawer can not be too large, to pay attention to horizontal flat straight, the door can not droop.

       5, veneer furniture patchwork is not strict

       Whether it is to stick wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the skin is flat, there is no bulge, bubble, patchwork lax phenomenon.Check to look at the light, do not flush light can not see.Ash wood veneer veneer furniture is more damaged, generally can only be used for two years.In the case of wood veneer, the planed veneer is better than the rotary cut.The way to identify the two is to see the wood pattern, the veneer wood texture of the plane cut straight and close, the veneer pattern of the rotary cut curve and sparse.

       6, whether the edge of the furniture is flat

       Edge uneven, indicating that the wood is wet, a few days will be off the edge.Sealing edge should also be rounded, not straight edge right Angle.Edges sealed with wooden slats are liable to become damp or crack.The furniture that 3 laminate package is set, pack the place is to use nail to hammer, should notice to nail eye whether level off, the color that nail eye place and its other place whether consistent.Usually nail eye is sealed with putty, to pay attention to putty has putty up, such as putty up is not, slowly putty will fall out of the inside.

       7, mirror furniture to take a look

Choose to take the furniture of type of mirror, if dresser, dress mirror, mirror, want to notice to take a look at, see whether the mirror is out of shape go out of color, check whether mercury place of the rear of the mirror has inside lining paper and backplane, do not have backplane unqualified, do not have paper also not line, can wear mercury off otherwise.

       8. The paint should be smooth

The paint part of furniture wants smooth level off, do not flow saliva, do not have a wrinkle, do not have a knot in one's heart.Corner part can not be straight edge right Angle, straight edge easy to collapse slag, paint.The door of furniture inside also should be a lacquer, do not lacquer board is easy to bend, not beautiful.

       9. Whether the fitting installation is reasonable

For example, check the door lock switch is not working;Big ark should install 3 dark Hank, some install 2 only not line;The screws on the three, some cut corners, only a screw, use will fall.

Sit on the sofa and soft bed

       When choosing sofa, soft bed, should notice the surface wants level off, and cannot on any account uneven;The soft and hard should be even, but not this hard, that soft;The hardness should be moderate, neither too hard nor too soft.

       Select method is to sit, press with the hand press, level uneven, the spring does not ring, if the spring layout is not reasonable, cause the spring to bite spring, will make a sound.Next, should also pay attention to quilting without broken lines, jumper, corner tooth density is reasonable.

       Press this 10 laws to choose seriously, can choose the furniture that makes a person satisfied surely, but good furniture price is not poor, not each can suit broad consumer crowd, higher cost performance is consumer unremitting pursuit.Choose a few here not only the furniture that makes a person hold one's breath on craft quality to make a person on price again heartache however enchanted, in order to provide consumer of different demand reference.

       A few furniture with higher cost performance are recommended below, everybody can consult.

       1, kerim 1.8m pine wood bed -- ultra high cost performance first of all pine furniture is the most economic type of wood furniture, in addition to this product is won the title of guangdong province famous brand yibang group "beautiful bridge pine" series of products.Third, what its use lumber USES is Russia camphor pine, this kind of pine is the kind that the fame in pine furniture is No. 1.Fourth, the overall design for the nanyang style, in the process, for the curve.And lively technique, collocation selection, the effect is more outstanding.Fifth, strict drying procedures, the moisture content will be controlled within 12%, to avoid "moisture", to avoid cracking;Keep beautiful, hardness high live knot scar, dispel ugly, hardness low dead knot scar.Using the "finger joint" process, balance the expansion and shrinkage coefficient of the wood, and solve the cracking problem to the maximum extent, which is what I told you above.The furniture surface adopts the environmental protection polyester varnish imported from Italy, with high transparency and strong adhesion, restoring the natural texture of pine, healthy color and lustre, and resistant to water and yellowing.All over the domestic furniture market, when the number of solid wood furniture pine furniture has the most price advantage, cheap and fine is the best footnote pine furniture, incomparable ultra-high cost ratio is more than a thousand reasons to buy.

       2, the golden autumn fruit solid wood double bed -- the detail decides the grade this product is named after the name of spokesman pu cunxi "zhi pu" series product.Adopt American eucalyptus willows to make the real wood parquet, eucalyptus willows grain road neat, just with soft, elastic and tight, rich sense of layers.Using a variety of processes, and that all the process is not exist alone, attached to the furniture, but directly show on parts of furniture, have a plenty of several process together on a widget, not a mechanical one time to complete this process, must rely on manual control, the craftsman to complete a procedure.Carefully crafted, each piece of "zhi pu" is worth to savor the cultural heritage;Through the careful treatment of details, the integration of things, the communication of ancient and modern artistic effects, seemingly ordinary, connotation and charm of the four overflowing cultural taste.Super price makes this product has a high cost performance, heartache.

       3, st. Louis american-style furniture -- this is an export product, so it is export quality, domestic price this product originally for the original American export products, due to export austerity to domestic sales, so there is an obvious advantage in price and quality, its production standards are American standards, emphasizing first-class design.The transparent feeling of American painting highlights the aesthetic feeling of the material, the humanization on the process, the surface also has imitation old treatment, such as wormhole, fold edge.Pre-dried wood runs throughout the product, greatly increasing stability.The floating structure allows the wood to expand or contract, minimizing the warping or cracking of the wood.Most of the production processes are handmade, especially the American painting, after 16 processes, clear wood grain, showing the natural beauty!As a result of be United States original outfit product batch production, the cost is relatively low, general meeting compares the American style furniture that sells on the market cheap 50% left and right sides.True international quality, domestic price.



       Recommend only, the decorate design style that specific household choose and buy should see oneself commonly will decide, nevertheless now a lot of people have started furniture style of choose and buy first design is decorated again, the style that such design comes out is unified degree can be very ideal, I do so.

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