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10 tips for buying furniture to avoid being pooped

10 tips for buying furniture to avoid being pooped

10 tips for buying furniture to avoid being pooped

The final link that the family decorates is to choose furniture, furniture and our life are closely bound up, affecting life quality and body health directly.Most consumer does not have experience to the choose and buy of furniture, do not say the young person that buys a house for the first time to buy a house to buy a house more, the odi wood that lets hankou xiangjiang lives in 3 floors below house store will share the small common sense that a few choose furniture to everybody.

Different furniture, surface material is different

Be like the leg of desk, chair, ark, the requirement USES hard miscellaneous wood, more solid, can bear weight, and interior USES material to be usable other material;The thick requirement of big wardrobe leg achieves 2.5 centimeters, too thick appear unwieldy, thin easy bend is out of shape;The cabinet of kitchen, toilet cannot do with fibreboard, and should use 3 laminate, because fibreboard meets water to be able to expand, damage;The dining table should be washable.Found that the wood has insect eyes, dust, drying is not complete.Check the surface, but also open the cupboard door, drawer door to see the material inside there is decay, you can use fingernails pinched, pinched into the material that is rotten.After opening cupboard door, smell with nose, if rush a nose, dazzling, tear, explain the formaldehyde content in cement is too high, can be harmful to human body.

Whether furniture structure is firm small furniture, wait like chair, stool, hanger can be dragged on cement when choosing

Drag, gently fall a fall, the voice is clear, the quality is better;If the voice is hoarse, there is a crackling noise, that mortise joint is not tight, the structure is not strong.The table can be shaken by hand to see if it is steady.Sofa can sit sit, if sit up move creak ring, shake shake, it is nail work, with how long.The leg ministry such as square table, bar table, chair should have the clip of 4 triangle, have fixed action, can turn over the desk and chair when choosing look, bag cloth chair can touch with the hand.

Whether furniture four feet level off

The furniture is put on the ground shake can know, some furniture has 3 legs to fall to the ground only.Take a look at the table is flat, can not bow the back or flat waist.The table top is raised, and the glass plate will rotate;The table top is concave, and the glass plate will break when put on it.Pay attention to check cupboard door, the cent seam of drawer cannot be too big, want to pay attention to horizontal level vertical, the door cannot droop.

Veneer furniture is not strictly sewn together


Whether it is to stick wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the skin is flat, there is no bulge, bubble, patchwork lax phenomenon.Look at the light or you won't see it.Ash wood veneer veneer furniture is more easily damaged, generally can only be used for two years.In the case of wood veneer, the planed veneer is better than the rotary cut.The way to identify the two is to see the wood pattern, the veneer wood texture of the plane cut straight and close, the veneer pattern of the rotary cut curve and sparse.Particleboard veneer furniture, the landing part must be sealed, not sealed edge board will absorb moisture, bilge and damage.General veneer furniture edge corner place is easy to tilt up, when choosing can use the hand to pick out the edge corner, if a pick up, there is a problem with glue.

Whether the edge of the furniture is flat

Edge uneven, indicating that the wood is wet, a few days will be off the edge.Sealing edge should also be rounded, not straight edge right Angle.Edges sealed with wooden slats are liable to become damp or crack.The furniture that 3 laminate package is set, pack the place is to use nail to hammer, should notice to nail eye whether level off, the color that nail eye place and its other place whether consistent.Usually nail eye is sealed with putty, to pay attention to putty has putty up, such as putty up to show no, slowly putty will fall out of the inside.

Sit on the sofa and soft bed

When choosing sofa, soft bed, should notice the surface wants level off, and cannot on any account uneven;The soft and hard should be even, but not this hard, that soft;The hardness should be moderate, neither too hard nor too soft.Select method is to sit, press with the hand press, level uneven, the spring does not ring, if the spring layout is not reasonable, cause the spring to bite spring, will make a sound.Next, should also pay attention to quilting without broken lines, jumper, corner tooth density is reasonable.

Take a look at the mirror furniture

Choose to take the furniture of type of mirror, if dresser, dress mirror, mirror, want to notice to take a look at, see whether the mirror is out of shape go out of color, check whether mercury place of the rear of the mirror has inside lining paper and backplane, do not have backplane unqualified, do not have paper also not line, can wear mercury off otherwise.

The paint should be smooth

The paint part of furniture wants smooth level off, do not have a wrinkle, do not have a knot in one's heart to wait.Corner part can not be straight edge right Angle, straight edge easy to collapse slag, paint.The door inside furniture also should brush a lacquer, do not brush lacquer board is easy to bend, not beautiful.

Whether fitting installation is reasonable check the door lock switch is not working;Big ark should hold 3 dark hinge, some hold 2 only not line;This 3 screws, some cut corners, only on a screw, use will fall.

The color should coordinate with the interior decoration

Although white furniture is beautiful, but time grew easily to become yellow, and of black easy hair ash, do not at that time graph is beautiful, what make white finally is not white, black is not black.Generally speaking, the furniture of pomelo red changes colour not easily.

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