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Sofa leg installation introduction to sofa leg installation and maintenance
Today, sofas are the most indispensable piece of furniture in our lives. However, when we buy a good sofa from a shopping mall, we usually ship the whole set to the home, and then the professional home master installs the sofa. But the most important of these is the installation and maintenance of the sofa feet. The following editor will introduce you to the knowledge of the installation and maintenance of the sofa feet!
Sofa leg installation

Sofa leg installation

Sofa leg installation-what to pay attention to when installing sofa leg

1, the size of the sofa feet. If the living room is not very large, then the sofa legs should not be designed to be very large. The sofa should be coordinated with the overall environment of the living room, so the design of a beautiful sofa is not about the size of the area, but about the feeling. Therefore, when designing the sofa legs, we must consider the overall ratio of the sofa to the living room.

2. The color of the sofa feet. We all know that watching TV for a long time can make people feel sore and tired. So it is better to choose elegant and fresh colors for the sofa, such as: white, light blue, light yellow. The popular bright candy color is not suitable for decorating the living room.

3, the pattern of the sofa feet. Complex patterns are not suitable for decorating the legs of the sofa; otherwise, the effect of demonstrating soldiers to seize the master will be easily distracted. We decorate the sofa also for the overall decoration effect of the living room, so when we choose the pattern of the sofa feet, we should choose a pattern with a simple and evenly distributed pattern.

Sofa leg installation—Maintenance techniques after sofa leg installation

1. Ensure that the room is well ventilated. Too dry or humid will accelerate the aging of the leather; secondly, do not place the sofa feet in direct sunlight, or place where the air conditioner directly blows, which will make the sofa feet hard and discolored. 

2. Do not use soapy water, etc. for cleaning. Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergents not only cannot effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the sofa feet, they are corrosive, which will damage the surface of the sofa feet and make the furniture dull.

3. Do not rub vigorously. The sofa feet can be divided into many types from different materials. The materials are different, and the methods of maintaining the sofa are different. The leather sofa feet must not be rubbed vigorously during maintenance, so as not to cause the surface material to wear.

I have introduced so much about the installation and maintenance of sofa legs. The reason why a sofa can bring us a comfortable life enjoyment, in addition to the sofa material, the sofa feet are also very important, so you must pay attention to the installation and daily use and maintenance, otherwise the entire sofa will not bring us comfort Enjoy life.

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