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Wooden furniture leg broke in the home, how to solve?
The stool at home, the legs of the table are broken, and you are not willing to throw it, and you don't want to spend money to repair it. What should you do?

Tools / raw materials

  • Hot hair dryer or hair dryer
  • Cola bottles or other bottles
  • Knife


Method / step

  1. 1

    Tables and chairs, the same. Let's take a chair as an example.
    wooden furniture leg broke


  2. 2

    We take a cola bottle



take a cola bottle
  1. 3

    Then we cut the cola bottle into 3 sections and took the middle part for later use.


cut the cola bottle
  1. 4

    Then we put the newly cut cola bottle in the middle of the chair leg break.

middle of the chair leg break
  1. 5

    Then use a hot air gun to blow to the plastic bonding fracture, and you're done.


plastic bonding fracture


  • When the cola bottle is very smooth, it can be easier to fold it in half before cutting.
  • The hot air gun should not be heated too much, so it is easy to bake plastic

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