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How to choose cloth art chair cover?
        If be to sit directly in the winter, because chair and stool surface temperature are lower and feel not so comfortable, what recommend for everybody today is cloth art chair cover, so what is cloth art chair cover?How do you choose?What are the methods of collocation?Above all we can know this kind of cloth art chair covers as the name implies namely USES cloth art material to be made as raw material processing and become namely.One respect is green environmental protection, another respect, special decorative pattern and design make them can have the effect that decorates beautiful and effect, and if the word of reasonable collocation of chair cover, still can protect the surface of chair stool from attrition.To help extend the actual service life, you can refer to the information similar to the following, reasonable collocation and choice.
choose cloth art chair cover

One, the knowledge of the choose and buy of chair cover of cloth art

Desk and chair foot cover is to point to make with cloth commonly, the shape is identical with desk foot size, use to prevent floor to wear, eliminate the article of noise.In the cleaning time to pay attention to often wash, to prevent the dust on the foot of the cover above.

1, keep the foot cover and the floor clean, the floor is not clean, dust will stick to the foot cover, so that the foot cover is easy to be contaminated with dust and garbage.

2. Wash them regularly and dry them in the sun.

3, cloth art is easy to wear or above the decoration will fall off, when cleaning also want to be careful, do not rub.

4, it is best to take it off when the weather is wet, to avoid mold.

Cleaning of table MATS

1. Soak it in water for a while.

2, apply the appropriate amount of detergent, the cleaning action should be light, to avoid damage to the table mat.

3. Air dry directly after washing.

Two, the tie-in knowledge that cloth art chair covers

1, translucent lace fabrics and high-grade lace clever collocation of the table and chair foot cover, table pad, unique product style, can foil your delicate life taste, reflect the master's quiet and elegant noble.

2, the foot of cabinet desk and chair covers, desk mat added a lot of interest to the chair, but also should notice and the style of tie-in desk and chair, color, quality of a material on the choice, can affect the atmosphere of whole household otherwise.

3, now it is widely popular cloth art of desk and chair cover, table MATS, their work is also very simple, simple DIY at his home of desk and chair cover, table MATS, choose coordinated with sofa, wall color decorative pattern of desk and chair cover, table MATS, find some fabric leftover material, do it yourself, enrich their own furniture.

Three, cloth art chair cover classification

According to the style is divided: pastoral style, Korean style, British style

Above recommended for everyone is about fabric material processing and chair sets of purchase method and the matters needing attention in the process of selection, which of learn that common chairs are made of wood material processing, the surface is hard, and susceptible to wear and tear, if corresponding dimensions by installing cloth chair covers believe can achieve beautiful decorative effect, still can help prolong the service life of the actual chair itself, you can be as a reference standard, similar to the knowledge mentioned above, combining with dining-room in the home decorate a style to reasonable arrangement, believe that we can have the effect that make the finishing point.

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