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Household | bought a desk foot to have no place to put, 90% of the person chose wrong!

Your desk may not work

The most easy to choose wrong is concave desk ~~

Come on, check if you have the right one.

Sit down and check the moving area of the legs under the table, the circled area in the picture below!!

The problem that the desk of a lot of families appears easily is, this activity area is too narrow, accordingly, the desk that buys suits to give children to use only.When adults use it, their legs get stuck in the middle of the seat with no room to move.

There is no narrowest, only narrower.

In the picture below, you can feel the awkwardness of sitting even across the screen


Place leg, width is less than 500mm, a person of 170cm USES rise very inconvenient!!

Another is too short depth.When a man sits down, he must have legs.


Take the following example:

Although desk lower part increases clapboard to be received conveniently, but clapboard affects comfortable, when the person sits down, put the place of the leg to enter depth too small, it is wrong desk design.
Unexpectedly, the small desk choice, also have so much to notice the place.


Hot yao, the question comes, work from home, want to sit comfortably without pressure, what kind of chair combination is most appropriate?

We answer this question from an ergonomic perspective.

Height determines the height of tables and chairs?

There is some truth, but not very objective, some people have long legs short, some people have short legs long.

But in real life, according to the height of the table and chair height has been able to meet the daily needs.


To find the best combination of desks and chairs for you, here's how:

Determine the height of your chair, and then determine the height of your desk by sitting.


Seat height
Seat height

1) chair height = knee height off the ground.

For adults, look at the following:

Adult seat height, sit on chair face namely double foot just land, if the family USES, can choose the seat that can adjust height.Of course, short people can be adjusted by pedals.


For children, please refer to the following table:

This is a student table and chair size selection guide in 2002.It works!
Do you instantly know the right height for your seat?


There is one more thing to note about the selection of seats:

Armrest to arm distance, must not be too small

In this way, we can stretch our arms freely when we are sitting.


I hate handrails, directly chose to have no handrails ~~~~(>_<)~~~~


However, in order to avoid the elbow joint for a long time in the air excessive strain, it is recommended that you choose a chair with an arm.

Spatial distance is also important

When the chair is tie-in with other furniture, the space that should pay special attention to!In particular, the space between the left and right sides of the seat and the back should be at least 810 mm, so that we can easily move the chair, standing up and sitting down without effort.


The following is the error demonstration!

  • The correct way to open is:


    Pay attention to the height of the seat, the distance between the armrest of the seat, the space reserved for the seat and the furniture, find a perfect seat, for you, basically is a piece of cake.Next, let's take a look at the height of the desk that matches the chair.

    Height of desk

    How high is the desk choice, can ability use comfortable again?

    Different types of work correspond to different desk heights.

    See table parameters for details:

    Contrast can discover, the girl works at home suit 700-740mm left and right sides mesa height desk ~~

    Tried next, really good, such height, can make the upper body operation posture most convenient.


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