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Tip: Do you know the installation technology of furniture moldings?

The moldings make the furniture look special and connect two or more inconsistent planes.

installation technology of furniture moldings

For example, when you need to combine a cabinet with a base cabinet to make a combined cabinet. After installing the pins between the two parts, the cabinet looks like one.

installation technology of furniture moldings

Installing moldings for solid wood boardsIf you use glue to glue a piece of leg to a solid wood board, such as the side of the box, the deformation of the wooden board will eventually cause the pin to become loose, or worse, crack the box.

When installing the pins, do not apply glue all along the pins. It is best to apply glue within 3 inches (76.2 mm) of the front of the side of the box corresponding to the pins to ensure that the inclined surfaces are firmly joined.

installation technology of furniture moldings

For the back of the cabinet, there are several ways to install the pins.

The easiest way is to use small pins to secure the pins to the rear of the side of the box. If the nail head can be submerged in the hole and the hole is filled with putty, then there will be basically no trace of the joint. Other methods include screwing through the long circular hole inside the box and cutting a dovetail slot on the back of the wire foot, and using a matching dovetail to screw on the box to complete the joint.

installation technology of furniture moldings

Use glue to fix the miter pins on the front of the box. Put a single nail into the surface under the stitching and scrape it with putty to stabilize the back of the stitching.

Clamping thestitches indifficult-to-operate partsSometimes, it may be impossible or inconvenient to nail or clamp the stitches to the proper position. One solution is to use masking tape to act as a temporary clamp to secure the pins in place until the glue dries. First stick the tape to one side of the stitches, then pull the tape firmly along the stitches and press the tape to the other side.

installation technology of furniture moldings

For flat surfaces like panels, there is no need to use tape. You can try using cyanoacrylate (CA) glue as a "clamp". First, apply a plain white or yellow PVA glue on the back of the wire feet, and then add a few drops of CA glue along this strip of glue.

installation technology of furniture moldings

Immediately glue the mixture of white glue and CA glue to the surface of the workpiece. Now you can press the pins into place. Be fast!

installation technology of furniture moldingsAfter a few seconds, the pins are fixed

The moisture in the glue accelerates the curing process of the CA glue, which can almost make it play an adhesive role. CA glue does not interfere with the adhesion of PVA glue. Once the PVA glue is dry, it can exert a permanent adhesive effect.

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