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Furniture installation specification

Furniture installation specification
Furniture installation specification

(1) cupboard door installation should horizontal horizontal vertical, switch freely, the gap between the door and the door should be less than 4 mm.

(2) door drawer open flexible, all drawers can be pushed and pulled freely, no noise.All handles are securely mounted without shaking.

(3) the diagonal of drawer box is not greater than 2mm, the clearance of drawer bottom and drawer side should be less than 0.5mm.

(4) parallel door drawers.In the same plane between the door drawer gap can be parallel and consistent, the gap between the door drawer and the frame is not greater than 2 mm, no warping phenomenon.

2.Cabinet put oneself in another's position

(1) when installing baseboard, the baseboard of corner should combine rigidly, aperture cannot be greater than 0.5 millimeter.

(2) the overall level of the lower cabinet, the landing is smooth, and there are no visible gaps in the contact surface of adjacent cabinet bodies.Each ark should have 4 bottom horn leg, when aperture is greater than 1000 millimeter should add l in the middle or 2 bottom horn leg.

(3) the back plate shall not be scratched, and the sealing strip shall be combined without gaps and without leakage.

(4) the junction of two adjacent lines on the corner condole cabinet should achieve tight seam, gap cannot be greater than 0.5 mm.According to the thickness of the door plate to adjust the size of the cap spread out, usually above the cap below copy line exceeds the thickest outside the door plate 3 mm.

(5) the gap at the opposite Angle of the installation of the upper panel shall not be greater than 0.5 mm.

(6) the error of the large Angle diagonal shall not be greater than plus or minus 2 mm, and the flatness tolerance shall be within 3 mm.

(7) the overall four-way horizontal height of the cabinet is the same, there is no visible gap in the contact surface of the adjacent cabinet body.No up and down channeling, no left and right concave and convex, no ark body shaking phenomenon.

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