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About metal table legs
      If it is an independently designed metal table leg, the general shape is a font, I-shaped, disc, four-star and five-star legs, or other special shapes. The metal table base is "real and glorious": its simple shape firmly supports everything, showing its unique art in obscurity.
metal table legs
  In recent years, the combination of solid wood table tops and metal table legs has become popular . The solid wood table top and the metal table legs are ladder-shaped metal frames. The structure is stable and presents a sense of rustic stability. It is particularly suitable for creating Nordic and industrial styles. There are also many choices for the shape and materials of metal table legs , but when buying, it depends on whether the paint and welding joints are fine.

metal table legs

metal table legs
  The materials of the metal table legs are iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Iron table legs are the most common, and the surface treatment is also very good. However, it is a problem that it will rust in a long time. Stainless steel is durable, rust and corrosion resistant, but the surface looks slightly rougher and heavier than other materials. As for aluminum alloy, which is very popular in recent years, it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective. The overall situation of a table is determined by combiningthe comprehensive factors of the table top and the metal table legs (that is, the combination of the material quality of each part of the table, the observability of the overall shape, and the price).
metal table legs
United Star Iron Table Leg AK700L
  United Star's AK700 metal table base , with asolid five-star base structure and sleek lines, is suitable for any style.
metal table legs
  If you want to consider space saving, you may choose a table with drawer legs.
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