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How to Replace Sofa Legs?

Most sofas have legs that are simple to replace and easy to find at any home improvement center or online outlet. You may be surprised to find the variety available--from basic tapered wood to stylish art deco. Not only can you update the style of the couch, but you also can adjust the height to enhance comfort.

  1. Gently tip your couch backward until the back is on the floor, and the bottom is exposed.

  2. Remove the legs. The most common leg installation is the hangar bolt style, where the screw sticks out of the leg. To remove, grasp the leg, and unscrew it counterclockwise.

  3. Check the t-nut for damage. The t-nut is a locknut embedded in the sofa frame where the hangar bolt on the leg is attached. It can become stripped or damaged over time, or the hole it is inserted into may widen, causing the t-nut to loosen. If the t-nut is damaged or loose, you have two choices: Pry out the old one and hammer a new one into the same place, or install a t-plate, which serves the same function but has a square plate with anchor screws at each edge for added stability if the wood has been damaged.

  4. If the t-nuts are undamaged, simply screw in the new legs and set the couch upright.

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