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Design principle of metal dining table leg
      With the rapid development of the pace of the times, people's living standards continue to improve, and more and more consumers have demanded restaurant furniture, such as metal table legs . Some larger manufacturers, such as United Star, also have high requirements for the design of metal dining table legs . The main design principles of metal dining table legs and all table and chair legs: they must be designed according to ergonomics, and they must meet the width and depth of the desktop required for standing or sitting, and the space under the table that can accommodate knees And the position of placing the feet, to meet the applicable requirements of ease of use and comfort.

Metal Dining Table Leg

 First, the height relationship between the metal dining table feet and the chair:
  A. The height of the desktop is 690-780mm, and the height of the chair surface is 410-470mm.
  B, If the chair is too low, it will easily lead to muscle fatigue and reduce work efficiency. Long-term use will cause fatigue such as scoliosis and decreased vision.
  C, If the table is too low and the chair is too high, it will easily cause back muscle fatigue.

metal table leg

Metal Dining Table Leg
  The table legs commonly used in many high-end restaurants these days are metal table legs. Everyone hears that metal metal table legs are more durable. Especially stainless steel is rust-proof and anti-oxidation. It is really the first choice for home decoration.

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