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How to install sofa legs?
         Since the current production process is all about division of labor and cooperation, the sofa furniture products produced are no longer the whole furniture. Many modern sofas are assembled, and consumers can easily install them. The most critical part of the sofa installation is the installation of the sofa legs. Do you know how to install the sofa legs? Today, I will teach you how to install the sofa legs.

install sofa leg

How to install the sofa legs

How to install the sofa legs-what should be paid attention to when installing the sofa legs

1. The size of the sofa legs . If the living room is not very large, then the sofa legs should not be designed very large. The sofa should be coordinated with the overall environment of the living room, so a beautifully designed sofa does not lie in the size of the area, but in the feeling. The huge sofa legs will give people a feeling of depression. Therefore, when designing the sofa legs, we should consider the overall ratio of the sofa to the living room.

2. The color of the sofa legs . We all know that watching TV for a long time can make people's eyes sore and people tired. Therefore, it is better to choose light and fresh colors for the sofa, such as white, light blue, and light yellow. The bright candy colors that are popular today are not suitable for decorating the living room.

3. The pattern of sofa legs . The complicated pattern is not suitable for decorating the legs of the sofa, otherwise it will have the effect of declaring the soldiers and taking the lead, and it is easy to distract people. We decorate the sofa also for the overall decoration effect of the living room, so when we choose the pattern of the sofa legs, we must choose patterns with simple patterns and even distribution.

How to install the sofa legs-maintenance tips after the sofa legs are installed

1. Ensure the ventilation of the living room . Too dry or damp will accelerate the aging of the leather; secondly, the sofa legs should not be placed in direct sunlight, or in the place where the air conditioner is directly blown, this will make the sofa legs hard and fade. 

2. Do not use soapy water for cleaning . Cleaning products such as soapy water and dishwashing liquid not only can't effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the sofa legs, they are corrosive, which will damage the surface of the sofa legs and make the furniture dull.

3. Do not rub hard . The sofa legs can be divided into many types from different materials. The materials are different. The method of maintaining the sofa is also different. Remember to avoid rubbing vigorously during the maintenance of the leather sofa legs, so as not to cause wear on the surface material.

The above are the relevant precautions and methods on how to install the sofa legs. I hope that you can use these sofa leg installation skills when installing the sofa for your family. Generally speaking, the big-brand combination sofa products are easy to install, and the installation of the sofa legs is not so difficult. We only need to install according to the operation requirements. If you still feel that there is a problem, you can ask a skilled worker to come and install it for you.

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