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Hinge installation method

Before installing the door hinges, make sure that the type of the door hinges is half-covered, and the full cover or the cover can be installed before installation. Before installing the door hinges, you must determine the minimum margin of the door hinges. When installing, the furniture installer will install it together, but the editor still decided to teach you how to install the hinges of the cabinet door by means of pictures and text.

Tools / raw materials

  • Toolbox

Method / Step

  1. 1

    Step 1: Install the hinge. As shown in the figure, before installing the hinge cup, there will be a large cavity in the cabinet door position. This cavity is determined according to the type and size of the hinge. You can first put it on the top to compare and draw the installation Drill holes in the location and install hinge cups. The flat countersunk head chipboard self-tapping screws are used to install and fix the hinge cups. The hinge cups are press-fitted. The hinge cups have expansion plugs. Use the machine to press the entrance plate to reserve the holes and fix them.

Hinge installation
  1. 2

    Step 2: Install the hinged cup without tools. The hinged cup has an eccentric expansion plug. After manually pressing the door to reserve the opening, pull the decorative cover to install and remove the hinged cup. No tools are needed. The hinged cup is provided with an expansion plug. After manually pressing the entrance plate to reserve a hole, use a screw to rotate the expansion plug screw to fix it.

Hinge installation

  1. 3

    Step 3: Install the hinge base. For the same reason, the hinge base should be pre-drilled. You can compare the positions and mark the holes (note that the hinge base is installed vertically. The hinge base is fixed with screws. Particleboard screws, European-style special screws or pre-installed special screw plugs can be screwed in with a screwdriver, and the hinge seat is fixed by press-fitting. This is very simple. Simply press the hinge seat with the expansion plug into the machine.

    Hinge installation

  1. 4

    Step 4: Install the door hinge, tool-free installation of the door hinge, suitable for quick-fitting hinges, using the lock method, you can install and remove the door panel without any tools, screw fixed installation of the door hinge, hinge cup on the door Insert the ordinary hinge and fix it with screws.

Hinge installation
  1. 5

    Step 5: Connect the hinge base and the hinge arm according to the arrow marks in Figure 1, and the tail of the hinge arm buckles downward.


Hinge installation
  1. 6

    Step 6: Lightly press the hinge arm to complete the installation, and gently press at the position indicated by the arrow to disassemble the hinge arm.

Hinge installation


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