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Installation method of sofa foot of solid wood + cloth art [diagram]
       Popular style is the cushion with the back of a chair armrest sofa is cloth art sofa, but heel stent is a solid wood sofa sofa style, this style is not only durable, but also able to bear or endure look easy to replace, very practical, so popular, but when buying this kind of sofa, in order to convenient transportation and handling, will separate heel sofa sofa main body, and home to assembly, if companies did not configure the door for you need to master his installation, the solid wood + cloth art sofa feet installation is how?
installation method of sofa leg

1, sofa after taking delivery home, the first inventory of solid wood cloth art sofa spare parts, is generally the main body of the sofa, sofa shelf and screw parts.
2, overall sofa is only divided into two parts, as long as the two parts of the assembly is OK, as shown in the picture, the screw accessories like in the picture, the metal ring in the bottom, the screw through the metal ring into the sofa itself is reserved some holes, and then tighten, finally cover the screw decorative cap.
3,The screw installation method for other holes is as above.

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