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The installation method of sofa leg
        In daily life, can discover unintentionally, the part part on the furniture body that we used to have period of time, can have the damage of size differ as time and scar, change whole loathe to part with again.However, today's society with the development of the network, in recent years online shopping has become a trend of modern life!Because buy furniture materially beneficial on the net, very convenient also, can see a lot of kinds of design is beautiful in short time and the thing with very moderate price also.Furniture parts are no exception.
        After choosing the beautiful furniture fittings that suits us from the net, looking at these solid wood heel screw iron piece is a headache very much, how should install?
       Today we will simply talk about the installation method of wooden furniture legs.

sofa leg

Iron 1 piece
4 long screws
Screw three
Solid wood furniture legs

1. Check whether the installation accessories are complete.
[the picture shows 10,12,15 centimeters commonly used in general furniture legs and installation accessories (1 piece of iron, 4 long screws, 3 short screws)]
2.Use 3 short screws to fix the iron plate in the middle of the solid wood foot (note: please keep the screw vertically fixed to ensure smooth installation)
3.Use 4 long screws to fix the solid wooden foot of the patch on the furniture
install furniture legs

Matters needing attention
1. Be sure to check whether the solid wood foot is damaged or cracked before installation.
2. Whether the accessories are complete.
3. Whether the ground that needs to be installed and placed is smooth or not

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